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Victory Over Postponement Syndrome


Topic: Victory Over Postponement Syndrome

Texts: Romans 8:19. Psalm 32:28, Psalm 70:1.


 God made me and made everything I will ever need before I was born. There was a preparation for my destiny, because the Bible says that, eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and neither has it come into the hearts of men, the things God had prepared for those who love him. So, my blessings, opportunities, favours, children, jobs, journeys, husband, wife, houses, cars and other needs of life were born with me. I came to the world loaded and heavy with the preparations of God for me.

I'm born again and redeemed from the curse of the law. I'm living a translated life. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is my reality of victory over adverse situations and as long as I remain in Christ, I shall not live in the valley in Jesus' name. Postponement is not my portion: I'm serving a God of here and now.  My God is a God of Immediacy. He made the heavens and the earth in seven day without taking a break, therefore, the issues of my life are removed from postponement in Jesus' name.

God does not need anyone's approval to bless me. He does not need to follow any protocol. He doe not need to wait for any allocation. He does not need a second opinion. He is God and His counsels are absolute. Therefore, every postponement is ended today in Jesus' name. My children are ready. My marriage is ready. My healing is ready. My promotion is ready. My prosperity is ready. God's favours are upon me. His preparations for me must come forth because I love Him and this love will bring down His hands of blessings upon me in Jesus' name.

Jesus says "....behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage". Yes, I believe that all things are ready for me. God says all things are ready and I believe me. New favours are ready for me. New help is ready for me. New glory is ready for me. New light is ready for me and my manifestation is ready in Jesus' name. God does not give excuses for anything, therefore, my joy and peace will not be excused away in Jesus' name.

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