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My Soul Shall Not Be Lean In Jesus' Name!

Topic: My Soul Shall Not Be Lean  In Jesus' Name!


Text: Psalm 106 vs 13-15.

Prayer Target: Those desiring spiritual growth and restoration. 
  God made me a living soul and I will remain alive in all circumstances of life in Jesus' name. I'm a soul of strength; beauty, bounty and victory. I'm a soul of purity and holiness, in spite of the dross and mud of the world. I'm a soul of truth and integrity, no matter the inducement or temptation to be false. I'm the soul of my maker and I will manifest the purity of my God in Jesus' name. 
God says that the soul that sins will die: I will not sin and I will not die in Jesus' name. I'm set free from sin. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death. The power that works in me is the power of life and it conquers death and its sting in Jesus' name. I'm a soul that lives above the power of the grave. I'm elevated above the valley of the shadow of death in Jesus' name. 
I'm a soul of wholeness and perfection. My health is full and flowing in the direction of joy. My strength is firm and standing on the Rock of ages. My mind is sound and bolstered by divine intelligence. My focus is straight and upon the Prince of life. My purpose is pure and set in the direction of light and love. I have the power of the presence of God and where my God is present, His possibilities are available for me in Jesus' name. 
My soul will not be lean, even if the whole world becomes lean. I'm a soul of fatness and flourishing. I'm a soul of robust victory over dysentery and diarrhea of the spirit. I'm a soul of success over failure and leakages of blessings. I'm a soul of favour before God and man. I'm a soul of surplus love in a world dying of leanness and starvation. I live above every power of physical and spiritual dehydration in Jesus' name. 
 I'm feeding on the word of God : I cannot be constipated or asphyxiated. The word of God is daily food and oxygen for my soul. I'm feeding on the promises of God and I'm getting fat daily by the weight of His promises in Jesus' name. The promises are not promissory notes: they are heavenly realities that will surely spring forth in my life. I'm feeding on the mercy of God and I'm preserved from all troubles because it is by His mercy that I'm not consumed. 
I'm leaning on my God and because I'm leaning on Him, my soul shall not be lean. I'm a soul saturated with passion for His will. I'm a soul satiated by His love. I'm a soul sheltered by His name and I'm a soul suffused with the wonders of His grace in Jesus' name. Sin, satan and the world will not sojourn in my soul. God only is the maker of my soul and I shall live seeking Him and satisfying Him in all things in Jesus' mighty name! Amen. 
Bless the Lord deeply and widely in praise and worship. 
1. Jesus, Bishop of my soul, glory to your mighty name! 
2. Father,   grant me grace to eat and drink your word daily in Jesus' name. 
3. Spirit of life, blow away death and destruction from my life in Jesus' name. 
4. Bread of heaven: feed me to satisfaction on a daily basis in Jesus' name. 
5. Power of permanent hunger for God: fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
6. Holy Ghost, build your chambers and scrapers in my life in Jesus' name.
7. Power-quenchers within and around me, disappear by fire in Jesus' name. 
8. Blood of Jesus, wipe away stain and strain from my soul in Jesus' name. 
9. Surgeon and physiotherapist of heaven, repair every open and secret damage to my soul in Jesus' name. 
10. Lord Jesus, fumigate corridors of my life against pests and parasites in Jesus' name. 
11. Holy Spirit of God; hold a festival of your presence in my life everyday in Jesus' name. 
12. Lord, let the zeal for your house consume me in Jesus' name. 
13. Father, don't allow distraction to destroy your distinction in my life in Jesus' name. 
14. Habitation of unclean spirit in my life, roast by fire in Jesus' name. 
15. Lord, don't give me up to a distressing spirit like  in Jesus' name. 
16. The work of the Lord will not stop in my hands in Jesus' name. 
17. Father of light, find a project for me in your kingdom and prosper me to finance it in Jesus' name.
18. Lord Jesus, don't replace me in the assignment I'm handling for you in Jesus' name. 
19. Father, sow a new seed of new success into your kingdom through me in Jesus' name. 
20. I reject testimonies of straw and ashes in Jesus' name. 
21. Wind of God, blow over dry bones in my health, finance, ministry, career and marriage and let them become a standing army in Jesus' name. 
22. Lord Jesus, let your blood begin to flow in my veins and arteries in Jesus' name. 
23. Father of mercy, give me testimonies that will honor my age and vision in Jesus' name. 
24. Miners of heaven, settle me on a field of riches on planet earth in Jesus' name. 
25. I will not fail to offer my fishing boat to God in Jesus' name.
26. I will never travel on a wagon of pride in Jesus' name. 
27.  Spirt of self-appraisal,  disappear to hell in Jesus' name. 
28. Father, change my rejection to reception in Jesus' name. 
29. Lord, remove the spanner of darkness in the wheel of my destiny in Jesus' name. 
30. Holy Ghost, repair the altar of your power in my life in Jesus' name. 
31. Father, break the craft of witchcraft and destroy the devices of diviners around my life in Jesus' name.
32. Congregation of mockers around my life, scatter by fire in Jesus' name. 
33. Lord of promotion, lift up the horns of the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name. 
34. Holy Spirit, awake slumberers in your church & connect them to your fire in Jesus' name. 
35. Thank you Lord for sending your fatness into my soul in Jesus' name.
Hallelujah! Pls, pray & share. Stay blessed. Pastor Dele Oyewale( September 28th, 2015).





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