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The World Will Behold My Glory!

Topic: The World Will Behold My Glory!

Texts: John 1 vs 35-36.

Prayer Targets:

Every soul that needs FULL manifestation of the wonders, powers, virtues and abilities of God. Brethren seeking divine expressions for their talents, skills and possibilities. Those tired of evil postponement and delay of good things in their lives.


 God will appear in my life like a mighty and terrible God, full of mercy and grace and His appearance will make every good thing to spring forth in all corners of my life in Jesus' name.

Dearly beloved, I want to really congratulate you for being alive and for being a part of the lifting that God is bringing through this message. Jesus Christ, King of glory, power and wisdom of God is risen! The power of the grave is broken!  The boast of death is defeated!  The pride of satan is punctured and perpetually deflated, Hallelujah! Jesus was king of Jews before His resurrection but became king of glory after defeating and destroying the corruption and desolation of the grave! Hallelujah! This fact is the fact of your glory. The fact of your completeness. The fact of your eternal peace in Jesus' name.

God made you for glory and God is that glory. Psalm 3 vs 3 says "But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head". Isaiah 60 vs 1-2 also confirms this that God is the glory of His children. What is glory? In the physical sense, it means brightness, respledence, wonders, goodness and sweetness. In the spiritual, it means virtues, anointing, imprint and imprimatur of God. Glory pertains to the showing forth of God's purpose in a destiny. It means the attainment of the thoughts and wishes of God in the life of any of His children. God's thoughts( Jer. 29:11) and wishes( 3 John:2) revolve around goodness, fulfillment, hope, prosperity, perfect health, spiritual soundness among others. When all these come forth in a life, we say such a life is glorious.

Glory is meant to be seen and not to be wished. When glory appears fully, everyone will see it. The glory of a beautiful house is the beauty that is seen. The glory of a marriage is the fruits of that marriage. The glory of a career is the testimony of that career while the glory of your health is the soundness and perfection seen in it. This is why we are praying today that God will make the whole world to behold our glory. Why should the world behold your glory? 1. To praise and bless the name of the Lord in your life. 2. To bring up God's honour in your life. 3. To confirm the defeat of your enemies. 4. To show the world that God is with you. 5. To justify the reasons for your existence.

Listen to me my brethren: it is a big deal for the whole world to behold your glory.
Why is it a big deal? God must be God in your life and it is only Him that will showcase His glory in all areas of your life. Don't be deceived my brethren, there are real enemies of your glory. Those who are fighting you in the realm of the spirit and physically are not threatened by your face: they are threatened by your glory. Those who you see smiling and embracing you may not be your friend- they may be robbers, spoilers, wasters, sharers, diverters of glory. They may be glory hunters and glory drainers and detainers. God will deliver all of us from such people in Jesus' name. Every challenge of progress is a challenge of glory. Wherever progress is stalemated, stagnated or stuck- there is an enemy around and God will overtake such enemies today in Jesus' name.

This platform is a deliverance platform. This is the ministry I'm called into. The issue of glory is so important that no effort should be spared to pray it into manifestation. You don't need to depend on anyone for anything: God is enough. Only ensure that you are true, holy and focussed. You must also expect to be persecuted, rejected, doubted and   lied against. It is quite normal for such things to happen but in the midst of it all, God will always speak to you and direct you what to do. Today, as you pray, believe that your prayers are answered and wait for their manifestation. Don't be tired of waiting because there is a victory waiting for those who endure to the end. There is someone connected to this platform( God is reaching hundreds of people already through this platform) who is in a health distress. God will restore the glory of your health today in Jesus' name.

Every affliction is a break down of glory. Poverty, divorce, sickness, unemployment, apparent barrenness; homelessness, iniquity and other evils are caused by a collapse of glory. I pray for you this hour: your glory will not collapse in Jesus' name. Jesus rose from the dead to affirm His glory and my glory. Since the Lord is not in the grave, your glory and mine will never stay in the grave in Jesus' name. So, brace up and pray. Easter Monday is a day of meeting with the resurrected Christ- you will meet the Lord for new exploits in Jesus' name. I have the assurance of the Lord that as we pray unto Him today, a new song will come unto our mouths and the whole world will sing with us in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom


1. King of glory, father of glory, adoration unto you in Jesus' name.
2. Father, command my glory to speak in all ends of the world in Jesus' name.
3. My glory: come out of witchcraft cage in Jesus' name.
4. Power of cauldron and bitter waters: break in Jesus' name.
5. O you power that defeated Saul of Tarsus, come and defeat all my troublers  in Jesus' name.
6. Power of horrible pit an miry clay, break in Jesus' name.
7. My wandering glory: come forth and return to me in Jesus' name.
8. My beheaded glory: come forth and receive a new head in Jesus' name.
9.  My covered glory: come forth, jump up and locate me now in Jesus' name.
10. My groaning glory: spring forth and begin to rejoice in Jesus' name.
11.  My ridiculed glory: receive the honour of God and shine in Jesus' name.
12. Evil trees of my father's house, receive fire and burn in Jesus' name.
13. Evil hands upon my health: wither by fire in Jesus' name.
14. Witchcraft container holding my health: break by fire in Jesus' name.
15. Evil limits upon my wealth: break by fire in Jesus' name.
16. My detained glory: break forth in Jesus' name.
17. Evil conference against my glory: scatter now in Jesus' name.
18. Mouth of mischief against my glory: burn by fire in Jesus' name.
19. Witchcraft gifts against my glory: fail in Jesus' name.
20. Army of robbers against my glory: scatter in Jesus' name.
21. Walls of darkness against my glory, fall down by fire in Jesus' name.
22. Windows of heaven: open upon my work in Jesus' name.
23. Power of blind Bartimeaus : depart from my eyes in Jesus' name.
24. Face of covering cast over my eyes: break in Jesus' name.
25. Face of veil upon my life: catch fire in Jesus' name.
26. Evil veil upon my heart: roast by fire in Jesus' name.
27. Breath of God: come upon my ways in Jesus' name.
28. Whatever is important to me will be important to God in Jesus' name.
29. I refuse to be a terror unto myself in Jesus' name.
30. Power to draw water from the wells of salvation: fall upon me in Jesus' name.
31. Power to get wealth and wellness: locate me now in Jesus' name.
32. Witchcraft mirrors monitoring my life: break in Jesus' name.
33. Mercenaries of darkness around my life: die in Jesus' name.
34. Spoken judgment against my glory: fail in Jesus' name.
35. Written judgment against my glory: burn by fire in Jesus' name.
36. Witchcraft sacrifices against my success: consume your maker in Jesus' name.
37. Father, upturn evil counsels against your work in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
38. Wind of Holy Spirit, uproot Judas and Jezebel in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
39. Lord, place the rod of Jacob into the hands of the helpers of the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
40. Father, remember your vengeance against the troublers of the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
41. Lord, let poverty hate me and compel prosperity to seek me in Jesus' name.
42. Storms of war gathering against Nigeria: scatter in Jesus' name.
43. The counsel of God will stand concerning Nigeria in Jesus' name.
44. Lord, let the enemies of Nigeria be your enemies in Jesus' name.
45. Thank you Lord for advertising my glory all over the world in Jesus' name.

Glory to God! Pls, pray and share. God bless you all! Pastor Dele Oyewale( March 28, 2016).








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