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Text: 1 John 3 vs 8.

Prayer Target:

Genuine children of God who desire God to grant them victory and liberty from the devices of the enemy in all areas of their lives. Those who want to do what God wants them to do and not what some deceitful powers want them to do. Those who want to harvest all the blessings released from heaven unto them.


The Lord, my God is the true God. He is the Lord of all flesh. He is the maker of all things. His ways are beyond every understanding and His works are honourable and glorious. Whatever He sets out to do in heaven and on earth cannot be stopped. His words are yea and Amen. His counsels are un-stoppable and His power is un- challengeable. He is the Almighty God: there is no other God like Him.

Satan is real and his agents are real but they are fallen and defeated powers. They inhabit the dark places of the earth that are full of cruelty and wickedness. They are enemies of God and enemies of all His children. They weave evils, plots trouble and devises battle against the children of God, but their efforts are in vain because Jesus Christ, King of glory has redeemed me from their evils, plots and battles. I'm far above them. They are under my feet and will remain under my feet forever in Jesus' name.

God has delivered me from the powers of darkness and has translated me into the kingdom of His dear son. He has given me authority over serpent, over scorpions and over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt me. I'm delivered from the mouth of lions and from every evil works. Through God I shall do valiantly for it is He that will tread down all my enemies in Jesus' name. I have set the Lord always before me and because He is at my right hand, I shall not be moved in Jesus' name.

Satanic programming and wicked manipulations are lies. They are empty attempts of darkness that cannot stand. The Lord disappoints the devices of the crafty so that their hands are not able to perform their enterprise. In six troubles the Lord will save me and in seven, there shall no evil come near me. The Lord is my rock, my salvation and my defence: I shall not be moved. I have set my eyes upon the Lord and He shall pluck my feet out of the net in Jesus' name. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper in Jesus' mighty name.

Today, I stand in the liberty that the Lord has given me. I stand in the full power of God that works in me and I operate in the office of a conqueror who is not allowed to fear any evil. Even though I walk in the midst of trouble, the Lord will revive me. He will stretch forth His right hands against the wrath of my enemies and His right will save me. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. His mercy endures forever. He will not forsake me in Jesus' name.


a. I have seen, seen the downfall of satan
Glory be to God, Glory be to Jesus
I have seen, seen the downfall of satan
Glory be to God, Amen!

b. There is power mighty in the blood/ 2ce
There is power mighty in the blood of Jesus Christ
There is power mighty in the blood.

c. Master of the universe
Conqueror and King
Master of the universe
Emperor on wings
You are the head
Over principalities
You are the head
Over powers
You are the head
Over rulers
You are the Master
Master of the universe


1. Jesus, head of all principalities and rulers of nations, glory to your mighty name.
2. Father, locate every scheme and schedule of darkness designed against my destiny and destroy them by your power in Jesus' name.
3. Time- table of failure designed against my next level: fail in Jesus' name.
4. Book of postponement written against my manifestation, burn by fire in Jesus' name.
5. Wicked buyers programmed to buy off my prosperity: die in Jesus' name.
6. Third eyes monitoring my progress, receive blindness in Jesus' name.
7. Altar of battle, struggle and trouble working against my peace: crash in Jesus' name.
8. Marketers and distributors of hardship: I'm not your customer in Jesus' name.
9. Software of darkness processing hardship into my life: fail in Jesus' name.
10. Witchcraft dry- cleaners washing away my favours: die in Jesus' name.
11. Evil singers singing funeral songs in my name: die in my stead in Jesus' name.
12. Agenda of iniquity designed to quench my fire: scatter in Jesus' name.
13. Stubborn voice of darkness opposing my advancement: cease in Jesus' name.
14. Power of witchcraft abattoir: die in Jesus' name.
15. Alliance of wickedness against my glory: break in Jesus' name.
16. Satanic rags worn in my name, home, work, ministry and finances: burn to ashes in Jesus' name.
17. Mark of battle and struggle in any area of my life, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.
18. Spokesperson of darkness announcing my destruction: suffer your own destruction in Jesus' name.
19. Power of witchcraft prison: break in Jesus' name.
20. Voice of satanic seed and offering against my increase: cease in Jesus' name.
21. Satanic assassins employed to take my life: kill your senders in Jesus' name.
22. Evil command upon my image: fail in Jesus' name.
23. Spirit wife or husband assigned to break my marriage: fail in Jesus' name.
24. Fire of God: raze down evil towers constructed on my Cananland in Jesus' name.
25. Witchcraft injection programmed to crash my health: backfire in Jesus' name.
26. Holy Ghost, withdraw the power of your word from powers using them to fight me in Jesus' name.
27. My voice will not be stored in satanic containers in Jesus' name.
28. Sacrifices placed in the coven against my announcement: fail in Jesus' name.
29. Power of wicked technology over my destiny: scatter in Jesus' name.
30. My garments will not obey evil command in Jesus' name.
31. Powers using my glory on my behalf: die in Jesus' name.
32. Lord Jesus, terminate powers of satanic prosecution and persecution over my destiny in Jesus' name.
33. I reject Egyptian hard labour and Herod's prison in Jesus' name.
34. Lord Jesus, appoint Nehemiah's workmen for me in my ministry, marriage and career in Jesus' name.
35. I refuse to pay wicked wage for my age in Jesus' name.
36. Holy Ghost, destroy the immunity of my enemies against warfare prayers in Jesus' name.
37. Facilities of darkness serving my troublers: fail in Jesus' name.
38. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Raise the helpers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry beyond attacks and losses in Jesus' name.
39. Lord Jesus, grant every helper of The Throne Apostolic Ministry the reward of Abraham in Jesus' name.
40. Thank you Lord for delivering me from every evil works in Jesus' name.

Hallelujah! Pls, pray hard and share widely. Stay victorious. Happy new month! Pastor Dele Oyewale( 1 August, 2016)





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