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Divine Legislation.

Topic: Divine Legislation.


Text: Job 22 vs 28.

Prayer Targets:

Christians seeking to use the word of God and power of their confession to generate effective spiritual forces in their favour. Those seeking to cancel evil declarations over their lives by invoking decrees of God against decrees of the enemy.

I declare a decree in the name of the Lord that my life will not be used as a pawn in the hands of the enemy. The Lord will surely use the lives of all hunters of my soul in exchange for my own life in Jesus' name. Amen.


The words of the Lord in Job 22 vs 28 say that: " you will also declare a thing and it will be established for you and so, light will shine on your ways." This is a powerful gift given to us by our God. Psalm 2 vs 7 says that: "I will declare the decree......." In all of these, God has graciously empowered our tongue to chart a part for our lives in the way we so desire. This is the believer's grace of legislation. A Christian is the number one legislator on earth. He can make laws or decrees. He can employ the word of God to affect his own world and the world of others and the most beautiful thing in doing this, is that he has the backing of God!

How did divine legislation start? It started with the Almighty God himself. In Genesis 1 vs 3, the Lord says: Let there be light: and there was light. Every other thing that worked together to form the world we now live in, flowed from the decree of light made by God. In several instances in the Bible, decrees were made and they stood. In 2 Kings 7:1, Elisha decreed an end to a ruinous famine in Samaria and the decree stood.
Earlier in 1 Kings 17:1, Elijah decreed that there would be no rain for three years and the decree stood.

Joshua's decree to the sun and the moon to stand still in the valley of Ajalon in Joshua 10:12 remains a striking instance of divine legislation. Even, in the New Testament, in all cases, our Lord Jesus Christ spoke with authority against sicknesses; demons, death and all manner of evil works. One of the reasons why God cautions His children against idle words is that our words are meant to be laws. Whatever we say in any circumstance has the power of a decree and is recorded in heaven. Words generate spiritual forces that make things happen. This is why the Bible says in Prov 12:14 and Prov. 18:20 that a man shall be satisfied with the fruit of his lips.

What are those things we can legislate? Everything we desire! God has given us an open cheque through the power of our declaration. Whatever you say all the time will blossom into reality, sooner than you imagine. Also, we can revoke evil decrees, pronouncements, curses, wicked judgment and sentences pronounced in evil places. Several experiences in the lives of many people are caused by satanic pronouncements made over their lives by wicked powers and rulers of darkness. Their pronouncements are not final over any child of God because it is only God and His children that have a divine authority to make pronouncements and get them established( Lamentation 3:37).

Every divine legislation must be backed by faith. Whatever you say in doubt and unbelief cannot stand. Faith is the fact of every fulfillment whether in word or in deed. Also, divine legislation must be directed towards a loving objective. Whatever is said in hatred has no God content and will never stand. Whatever is said in mischief and blackmail will never stand. Whatever is said in pride and spite will also not stand because it has no God content. Today, as you pray unto the Lord, your decrees will surely stand. Whatever is decreed against you will backfire on the speaker in Jesus' name. God will honour your words and grant you victory in Jesus' mighty name! Amen. Shalom.


Give quality praises and repentance unto the Lord.

1. Faithful father of all seasons, glory to your name in Jesus' name.
2. I bless your name for writing your laws in my tongue in Jesus' name.
3. Holy Spirit, decree and declare your light into every area of my life in Jesus' name.
4. I legislate my total victory over all contending powers in Jesus' name.
5. I legislate fullness of God in my home, work and ministry in Jesus' name.
6. I decree and declare complete restoration unto all area of my life in Jesus' name.
7. I revoke decrees of death, distress and destruction made concerning me, my wife, husband, children, work and ministry in Jesus' name.
8. Every running decree of stress and struggle in any area of my life, cease in Jesus' name.
9. Decree of non- completion of good things made against me, fail in Jesus' name.
10. Decree of rejection, hostility and battle made against me, fail in Jesus' name.
11. I legislate double destruction of all my evil reporters in Jesus' name.
12. I decree and declare ceaseless harvest of help, favour and goodness into all areas of my life in Jesus' name.
13. I legislate perfect health, sound mind, deep understanding, perfect wisdom and vast knowledge concerning me, my children, husband, wife and true friends in Jesus' name.
14. I decree and declare open financial heavens upon my friends and helpers in Jesus' name.
15. I legislate that none of my helpers will be cast down or cast away from their excellency in Jesus' name.
16. I decree and declare irreparable losses into the ways and works of my troublers in Jesus' name.
17. I legislate that every power of mischief, manipulation and machination against me be wasted in frustration and confusion in Jesus' name.
18. I decree and declare that the support system and survival strength of my evil monitors be broken down permanently and perpetually in Jesus' name.
19. I legislate dethronement of evil spiritual kings and queens around my destiny in Jesus' name.
20. I set fire of God into the reserve of my tormentors and decree and declare their field of profits barren forever in Jesus' name.
21. I authorize locusts and vermins into the body system of my pursuers in Jesus' name.
22. I permit the army of destruction of the Lord to invade the camps of my robbers and set their weapons and loot on fire in Jesus' name.
23. I legislate good success into all I lay my hands upon in Jesus' name.
24. I decree and declare all the fruits of my labour ripe and edible in Jesus' name.
25. I legislate perfection of my spirit, soul and body in Jesus' name.
26. By divine legislation, let the God of Elijah direct ceaseless troubles into the destiny of every troubler of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
27. I decree and declare that whatever is not planted by God in The Throne Apostolic Ministry be uprooted in Jesus' name.
28. I legislate global revival into The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
29. By the decree of the Lord, ministers of darkness in the Church of the Lord will never prevail against the work of the Lord in Jesus' name.
30. Thank you Lord for the prosperity of your decrees in my life in Jesus' name.

Glory to God! Pls, pray & share. Are you prepared for rapture? Jesus is very close. Stay blessed. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 7 November, 2016).





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