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Deliverance From Champions Of Darkness.


Topic: Deliverance From Champions Of Darkness.

Texts: 1 Samuel 17 vs 4 &  Ephesians 6 vs 12. 
Prayer Targets: 
Brethren suffering from the un- repentant activities of rulers of darkness. Those contending with wicked elders in their offices, neighborhood, marriage and business premises and those seeking immediate help from shameless tormentors around them. 
Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but I will remember the name of the Lord my God. They are brought down and fallen, but I'm risen, and stand upright in Jesus' mighty name. 
"And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span........And He stood and cried unto the armies of Israel, and said unto them, Why are ye come out to set your battle in array? am not I a Philistine, and ye servants to Saul? choose you a man for you, and let him come down to me. If he be able to fight with me, and to kill me, then will we be your servants: but if I prevail against him, and kill him, then shall ye be our servants, and serve us." The above words were the boasts and threats of Goliath against the army of Israel in 1 Samuel 17, vs 4, 8 & 9. Goliath was a champion of darkness because he came as an arch- enemy of the people of God. 
Who is a champion of darkness?
 A champion of darkness is a ruthless enemy that does not hide his enmity and maximum evil. The Bible calls him a ruler of darkness, a principality, executor of spiritual wickedness in high places( Ephesians 6:12). He may manifest as any of the following: 1. A difficult, ungodly boss in the office. 2. A hard and problematic neighbour or landlord or landlady. 3. An envious and unfriendly friend. 4. Arrogant worker of darkness boasting openly to kill and destroy. 5. Armed robbers, assassins or any blood- thirsty demon on assignment against anyone. 6. Spirit wife or spirit husband stubbornly disturbing someone. 7. An evil spiritual authority( fathers in the Lord and mothers in the Lord) who is not in the Lord. 8. A husband or wife seeking the death or destruction of his spouse. 9. Any wicked force or voice or power around someone. 10. Evil contenders in ministry, career, business or in any venture. 
What does a champion of darkness do? 
1. He steals blessings, kills joy and destroys destinies. 2. Causes fear, tension and worry. 3. Plots and devices frustration against his victim. 4. Leads an offensive against his victims by causing financial blockage, matrimonial crises and confusion and other sinister acts. 5. Mobilizes opposition to progress of his victims. 6. Monitors his victims to evaluate the potency of his wicked devises. 7. Manipulates his victims into iniquity and errors. 8. Fights identified helpers of his victims. 9. Sponsors any form of evil, all intended to cripple the efforts of his victims. 
How Do We Confront Champions of darkness?
 1. Pray violent prayers( Matt 11:12). 2. Muster militant faith. 3. Pay difficult offering and tithe. 4. Prolonged fasting. 5. Keep information about yourself only to trusted associates. 6. Refuse to fear. 7. Pay attention to your dreams and revelations. 8.  Immerse yourself in the word of God. 9. Preach the gospel. 10. Praise God day and night. 11. Avoid doubt, worry and anxiety. 12. Refuse to be discouraged or be depressed. 
Is there any hope of defeat of champions of darkness?
 Yes! 1. David defeated Goliath( 1 Sam. 17 vs 50-51). 2. Jehu killed Jezebel( 2 Kings 9 vs 30-37).  3. God killed Pharaoh and his hosts( Exodus 14 vs 21-28). 4. God destroyed Og, King of Bashan( Numbers 21 vs 33-35). 5. God destroyed Sihon, King of the Amorites( Numbers 21 vs 21-25). 6. An Angel struck Herod and was eaten up by worms( Acts 12 vs 21 -24). 7. Several other instances of the defeat of evil by the forces of God abound in the Bible. 
Who is the champion of darkness troubling you? 
 They are all around you. Many of them are your close associates. Don't bother yourself about their identity, because God knows them and He will destroy them. Only be vigilant and be prayerful. Avoid any form of iniquity and if you are in any known iniquity, run away from it and ask God to uphold you. 
Are You A Champion Of Darkness Troubling Someone? 
This is another dimension to this issue: are you a champion of darkness troubling someone? The Holy Spirit will surely tell you if you are one. Please, retrace your steps to God. God does not desire you to die: He wants you to live and you will live, only if you repent and run back to God. We have no right to pray against enemies, if we are someone's enemy.  Imagine Goliath praying against an enemy- will his prayers be answered? That is the issue. As you make peace with God in this regard and as you pray today, your victory will be established and every champion of darkness troubling you will die suddenly in Jesus' name,  except he or she repents. Shalom! 
Songs: 1. All power belongs to Jesus/ All power belongs to God/ All power belongs to Jesus/ All power belongs to God. 
2.  Holy Ghost fire/ set me free/ Holy Ghost fire/ set me free! 
1. Lord of hosts, mighty army in battle, owner of chariots of fire, glory to your mighty name in Jesus' name. 
2. Father, favour me with your power today and remove any champion of darkness standing in my way in Jesus' name. 
3. Every curse of evil powers over any area of my life, be blotted out by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
4. Every god of Goilath backing him against me, receive the wrath of the living God and die in Jesus' name. 
5.  Every altar of death and destruction speaking against me and my family, receive fire an burn to ashes in Jesus' name. 
6. Powers following me around to frustrate and reduce me, crash in Jesus' name. 
7. Every champion of darkness living inside me, come out of me, I come out of you in Jesus' name.
8. Demons of my father's house cooperating with evil giants to stop me, I raise the name of Jesus against you and command you to fail in Jesus' name.
9. Witchcraft computer processing failure and distress into my life, crash by fire in Jesus' name. 
10. Every hidden eyes watching and working against my success, receive blindness from the Lord in Jesus' name. 
11. Goliath, Jezebel, Delilah, Herod, Pharaoh, Hamaan and all your agents: I report you today to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel and I ask the Lord to judge you concerning my matter in Jesus' name. 
12. Every helmet of steel covering the head of Goliath, receive fire and burn to ashes in Jesus' name. 
13. Every garrison of evil soldiers working with their champions to confront me, receive thunder and fire and be destroyed in Jesus' name. 
14. Every evil chariots advancing towards my zone of safety, be scattered by the bomb of heaven in Jesus' name. 
15. I refuse to sleep away in the midst of battle in Jesus' name. 
16. Every banner of weakness, dullness and coldness over my spirit, break by fire in Jesus' name. 
17. I receive grace to sleep, eat, drink, walk around and live in the fire of the Holy Ghost everyday of my life in Jesus' name. 
18. Lord Jesus, plant your whistle of spiritual alertness in my spirit, soul and body in your mighty name. 
19.  Power of evil spiritual marriage to evil works and evil workers, break in Jesus' name. 
20. By the spirit of adoption, I overcome fear,  worry and bondage in Jesus' name. 
21. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and trouble the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
22. Holy Ghost arise, uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
23. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
24. Holy Ghost, fortify your children against the man of sin that will soon appear before the coming of the Lord in Jesus' name. 
25. Thank you Lord for destroying the champion of darkness leading hostility against me in Jesus' name. 
Hallelujah! Pls, pray violently and share widely. Are you prepared for rapture? Jesus is ready now! God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 29 May, 2017).




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