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The Dew Of God Shall Fall Upon Me In Jesus' Name( Anointing Of Renewal & Rest).


Topic: The Dew Of God Shall Fall Upon Me In Jesus' Name( Anointing Of Renewal & Rest).


Texts: Hosea 14 vs 5-6 & Gen. 27 vs 28. 

Prayer Targets: 

Genuine children of God needing renewal, rest, fatness and refreshing touch of the living God and those wishing to overcome fear, worry and uneasiness. 


The Lord will visit me anew today and pour the dew of heaven upon me to heal, strengthen, sustain and terminate every dryness around me in Jesus' mighty name. Amen. 


God's words in Hosea 14 vs 5-6 are sweet and splendid: "I will be as the dew unto Israel: he shall grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots as Lebanon. His branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree, and his smell as Lebanon.  These words are not political promises or erotic assurances, they are words of the living God.  The dew is soft moisture; cool drizzle upon the earth. It is God's counterpoise to dryness, deadness and tiredness. God's dew is an assurance of His love and mercy and a response to the yearnings of the world for growth and continuity. Let's look at all these in detail: 

God's dew dissolves dryness

 Are you faced with depletion and reduction? Are your businesses and finances nosediving? Is your joy in your marriage and relationships thinning out?  Are you sapped already in your health? Please, don't worry over these again. God's dew offers blossoming experiences. Dew is not just about soft showers from heaven, it is about the presence of God in every situation. The water of God is milk and medication. Anytime the dew falls, new life; breath; health; increase, spread and strength follow.  You will sing a new song in  Jesus' name. 

God's dew speaks against death.

There is no death for those that receive the dew of God. Every dream of death; arrangements and appointments of death concerning you are cancelled. This is because as the dew of God falls upon you, you receive an anointing that death cannot touch. You receive a covering that death cannot remove and you receive healing that withers every sickness in your body in Jesus' name. The dew of God is life and health. It is healing and deliverance and no power will succeed in drying up God's dew over you and your loved ones in Jesus' name. 

God's dew terminates tiredness. 

The temper and tempo of today's world can make anyone to be tired. The world is folding up. There is social fever everywhere. However, God is alive to the needs of His children all the time. His dew is sweet  renewal, revival and refreshment. Just open your mind unto God and be in tune to His expectations of you. God's dew is rest from toil and tension. You cannot be refreshed by God and be holed up in anguish and tiredness. Every dry bone needs the dew of God to come alive. Your dry bones will come alive in Jesus' name. 

Beloved, there is one more thing  you need to fully enjoy the dew of God. Accept the dew and allow it to soak you! The dew is available but it may be of no effect if we don't allow it to drench us. The dew is ordinary water to those without faith. The dew is ordinary droppings from heaven to those who don't know God. The dew is even undue disturbance to those who have chosen their ways outside the ways of God. But for you that knows God and the power of His words, the dew is sweet delight. Allow it to soak you. Allow it to refresh you. Allow it to bring God into your situations. As you do these, your joy will overflow in Jesus' name. Shalom. 


It is raining, all upon me/ I can feel it the latter rain/ ride on Jesus/ Give us more rain/ Until we are wet/ Until we are soaked in the latter rain! 

1.  Sweet, blessed Holy Spirit, glory to your name in Jesus' name. 
2. Father, help me to stand and feed in your strength and name in Jesus' name. 
3. Dew of God, fall upon my work, business and finances in Jesus' name. 
4. Dew of God, fall upon my vineyard and change my leanness to fatness in Jesus' name. 
5. Dew of God, fall upon my home and flood away appointments  of death and sorrow.6. Holy Spirit, release your dew upon my branches and leaves and compel them to blossom  more and more in Jesus' name. 
7. Dew of favour and help, fall upon my home and work in Jesus' life. 
8. My health, receive the dew of God and flourish more and more in Jesus name. 
9. Lord Jesus, extinguish evil fires around my life by your dew in Jesus' name. 
10. Powers diverting heavenly dew away from my life, die in Jesus' name. 
11. Holy Ghost,  turn my wilderness to watersprings in Jesus' name. 
12. I receive grace to live under the dew of God permanently in Jesus' name. 
13. By the spirit of grace, my fallen branch shall receive the dew of God and grow again in Jesus' name. 
14. Opposition of wicked powers against my dew, cease in Jesus' name. 
15. I accept the dew of God and my life shall be repaired and refreshed in Jesus' name. 
16. You dew of heaven that fell upon Nebuchadnezzar for his restoration, fall upon me in Jesus' name.
17. My glory, receive dew of God and rejoice in Jesus' name. 
18. Powers assigned to move me away from the dew of God, die in Jesus' name. 
19. Every evil containers collecting my dew, break into pieces in Jesus' name. 
20. My garment of destiny, receive the dew of God and be soaked in Jesus' name.
21. Powers closing the heaven of my dew, die in Jesus' name. 
22. Powers making evil claims over my dew, die in Jesus' name. 
23. My marriage,  receive the dew of God and be renewed in Jesus' name. 
24. O you Son of God, appear amidst fiery burning furnace drying up the dew of God in my career, business, marriage and ministry and put it out in Jesus' name.
25.  Father of mercy, use me as your dew upon the home, work and  ministry of your children in Jesus' name. 
26. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and trouble the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
27. Holy Ghost arise, uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
28. Power of global revival,  locate The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
29. Holy Ghost, pour your dew upon Nigeria in Jesus' name. 
30. Thank you Lord for fattening my life with your dew in Jesus' name. 

Hallelujah!  Pls, pray and share widely. Are  you  prepared for Rapture? Jesus is ready now! God bless you  more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 31 July, 2017).





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