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My Defeat Must Change To Victory!


Topic: My Defeat Must Change To Victory! 



Texts:  1 Samuel 30 vs 1-19, Psalm 30 vs 5. 
The Lord that turned the weeping of David into dancing will visit me today and change my defeat to victory in Jesus' mighty name. Amen 
1. He makes impossibility possible/2ce
2. God is good, 
He has done me well O My Soul
Rise up and praise the Lord! 
3. Winner, Oh, Oh, Oh, winner/2ce
Jesus you don win ooooo
Patapata you go win forever
1. King of glory, mighty army in battle, glory to your name in Jesus' name. 
2. Father, make a decision of victory in my favour and give me victory over every defeat in Jesus' name. 
3. Holy Ghost, change my rejection to reception, my frustration to celebration in Jesus' name. 
4. The anointing that turns enemies into servants, fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
5. Holy Ghost, use my life as your showcase of  serial victory in Jesus' name. 
6. The favour of God that fills every waterpot with water,  locate me in Jesus' name. 
7. O you helpers of my enemies, the Lord is against you: fail in Jesus' name. 
8. Father, after the order of  Joshua, send the Commander of the Lord's army to fight in my favour in Jesus' name. 
9. By your mercy, Lord, repair every crack in the wall of my defence in Jesus' name. 
10. Every congregation of hypocrites around my life, fall in Jesus' name. 
11. Every federation of hostile forces threatening my life, destroy yourself in Jesus' name. 
12. You stranger growing crops and grazing cattle on my good land, quit by fire in Jesus' name.
13. By the decree of God, I stop the ways of enemies into my destiny in Jesus' name. 
14. By the word of the Lord, I receive power to get wealth in Jesus' name. 
15. Every punishment and hard labour appointed for my glory, backfire in Jesus' name. 
16. Every thorn and bramble on my allottede land,  receive fire and dry up in Jesus' name. 
17. Every power scattering my harvest, die in Jesus' name. 
18. My health will not fight my wealth in Jesus' name. 
19. Anointing of flourishing of crowns, fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
20. My hands will not wither, my feet will not be cut in Jesus' name. 
21. Holy Ghost arise, scatter every warfare assigned against The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
22.   Every network of wicked powers striving against The Throne Apostolic Ministry,  break by fire in Jesus' name. 
23.  Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
24. O Lord arise, appoint a Joseph to manage the economy of Nigeria in Jesus' name. 
25. Thank you Lord for changing my defeat into victory in Jesus' name. 
Glory to God Rejoice!  Pls, pray & share. Are you prepared for Rapture? Please, hurry to connect Jesus. He is at the doorpost. God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale(  12 February, 2018). 






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