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I Shall Not Be Wasted!


Topic: I Shall Not Be Wasted!


Texts:  Psalm 91 vs 1-16  & John 10 vs 28. 

Prayer Targets: 

Everyone seeking safety and preservation from blood suckers and flesh eaters.  Those desiring cancellation of evil dates and days assigned against their safety  and those in need of permanent separation from death and destruction.


 God has given me and my family members  eternal life and we shall never perish and neither shall anyone pluck us out of His hands in Jesus' name.  Amen.


1.  Precious blood of Jesus/ Come and deliver me/ The blood that flowed in Calvary/ Come and deliver me!

2. Any tragedy fashioned against me and my family/ backfire!
    In Jesus' name/ backfire( 2ce)

3. I shall not die but live and praise the Lord( 2ce).

1.  Mighty God, King of Glory, Lord of hosts, glory to you in Jesus' name.
2. Father,  locate every trouble spots prepared by the enemy against me and destroy them all in Jesus' name.
3.  Every power of soul-destroyers and soul-killers,  die in Jesus' name.
4.  Every blood-sucker and flesh-eater hunting for my life,  drink your own blood and eat your own flesh in Jesus' name.
5.  Every agenda of disaster and accident against me and my family members  in any location,    fail in Jesus' name.
6.  Roaming demons of death and destruction, I'm not your candidate in Jesus' name.
7.  Arise O Lord by your word and deliver my soul from death, my eyes from tears and my feet from falling in Jesus's name.
8.  Every witchcraft burial done in my name and names of my family members, be reversed by fire in Jesus' name.
9.  I hold the blood of Jesus against every evil voice calling my name for destruction in Jesus' name.
10. Holy Ghost, hide me and my family members under the shadow of the Almighty,  under the wings of God and in the secret of His tabernacle in Jesus' name.
11.  Every evil wind of affliction and tribulations,  return to your sender in Jesus' name.
12.  I take a new breath of life( please, take the breath) and breath of healing from the Lord in Jesus' name.
13. I drink the blood of Jesus( please, demonstrate the drinking) in the mighty name of Jesus in Jesus' name.
14.  Every coven judgment against me,  backfire in Jesus' name.
15.  Every witchcraft  sacrifice and seed against me and my family members, fail in Jesus' name.
16. Every aggression of wicked powers against my life, scatter in Jesus' name.
17. Satanic inflammation against my life and salvation,  fail in Jesus' name.
18.  My image and images of my family members on evil altars, marine kingdom and witchcraft  covens,  be soaked in the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name.
19. Every dream attacks programmed to relegate my soul into iniquity,  fail in Jesus' name.
20.  You dream of death, accident, disaster and attacks, you will not stand, you will not come to pass in Jesus' name.
21.  Lord of covenant and mercy,  separate The Throne Apostolic Ministry from unknown covenant and claims of darkness in Jesus' name.
22.  Lord of reward and faithfulness,  pour large blessings upon everyone partnering with you in The Throne Apostolic Ministry  in Jesus' name.
23.  Power of global revival, fall upon  The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
24.  Every waster troubling the peace of Nigeria, the Lord of heaven will waste you in Jesus' name.
25. Thank you Lord for shielding me and my family members from wasters in Jesus' name.

Glory to God. Pls pray and share widely.  Are you prepared for Rapture? Pls, don't delay any longer because Jesus is  at the door post. God bless you more.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 9 July, 2018).








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