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I Reject Casting Down, I Accept Lifting Up!


Topic: I Reject Casting Down, I Accept Lifting Up! 


Texts:   Job 22 vs 29 & 2 Corinthians 12 vs 10. 

Prayer Targets:  

For those who will not accept defeat, frustration, discouragement, failure and sorrow and for those who want God to do something quick to reverse unpleasant circumstances around them. 


 The Lord is my redeemer and He lives within and around me. He lives in my health and the health of my loved ones. He lives in my finances, businesses, career and projects.  God lives in my marriage and relationships.  He lives in my home and everywhere I go in Jesus' name. 

God has chosen a goodly heritage for me. I have a large inheritance.  I have a portion greater than nations, greater than oceans, greater than the entire dry land and greater than the earth. God is the portion of my inheritance and my cup and my inheritance is as large and wide as my God in Jesus' name. 

The Word Of the Lord says that my branches will spread; my leaves will not wither;  my strength will not go into captivity and my glory will not weep.  Therefore, there is no casting down for me. There is no famine. No drought. No depletion. No dryness. No emptiness. No deprivation  and desolation for me in Jesus' name. 

The earth is full of the riches of God:  I immerse myself in these riches in Jesus' name. I immerse myself in the blessings, benefits and bounties of God. I immerse myself in the favours and fragrance of God.  I immerse myself in the pool of His grace and I live in the fountain of His flourishing in Jesus' name. 

There is a crown of pure gold upon my head.  I exercise authority and dominion over situations. I conquer lack.  I assassinate poverty.  I sentence borrowing and begging into a permanent imprisonment   and I live in the liberty of abundance in Jesus' name.  There is lifting up for me.  There is advancement into enlargement. There is a flow into favour for me and my family members and I possess all my possessions in God through Christ Jesus in Jesus' name. 

No weapon  formed against my progress shall prosper.  No enchantment and betwitchment of my success will stand.  Balaam is not allowed to curse my blessings. Evil priests and fake prophets are not allowed to prevail over my glory.  I escape entrapment and divination in Jesus' name.  I come out of raging battles against my blessings. I overcome difficulties and distress because there is a lifting up for me forever in Jesus' name. Amen. 


Pls, sing these songs: 

a. Things are getting better, hallelujah/ Things are getting better/ For the Lord is on the throne/ Things are getting better/ Things are getting better/ Things are getting better! 

B. I have seen the Lord's goodness/ His mercy and compassion/ I have seen the Lord's goodness/ Hallelujah praise the Lord! 


1.  Lord of mercy, grace and love, glory to you in Jesus' name. 
2. Father,  I bless you because you have pleasure in my prosperity in Jesus' name. 
3. I celebrate you Lord because your grace is sufficient for me in Jesus' name. 
4.  Every program of prolonged afflictions, lack and frustration, cease in Jesus' name. 
5.  Power of evil storm and proud waters in my health, marriage and finances, break by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
6.  By the word of God, I come out of every lawful captivity in Jesus' name. 
7. By the word of the Lord, I refuse to be a prey of the terrible in Jesus' name. 
8.  Every assignment of war against my blessings, fail in Jesus' name. 
9.  Every aggression of enemies against me, scatter in Jesus' name. 
10. Every power of discouragement towards God and His works, break by fire in Jesus' name. 
11. Every evil power that has swallowed my riches, hear the word of the Lord, vomit them now in Jesus' name. 
12.  By the faithfulness of God, my labour and efforts in the house of God shall be rewarded in Jesus' name. 
13.  I decree and declare that the labour and efforts of wicked powers against my glory shall be in vain in Jesus' name. 
14. By the word of the Lord, every wicked power striving with me shall perish in Jesus' name. 
15.  Every throne of iniquity contending with the throne of God in my life, scatter in Jesus' name. 
16.  You Lord the consuming fire, answer your name against the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
17.  Every stubborn serpent and scorpion disobeying the word of God in The Throne Apostolic Ministry,  receive fire and burn to ashes in Jesus' name. 
18. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
19. Nigeria, hear the word of God, there is a lifting up for you in Jesus' name. 
20. Thank you Lord for lifting me out of the horrible pit and miry clay in Jesus' name.

Glory to God. Pls, pray seriously and share.  Are you prepared for Rapture? Jesus is at the door post.à  God bless you more.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 30 July, 2018).









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