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Topic: Overcoming The Boasts of Darkness

Texts: Exodus 15 vs 9, John 10 vs 10.


" The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them"- Exodus 15 vs 9.
" And the Philistine said to David, come to me, and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air and to the beasts of the field"- I Samuel 17 vs 44.

"The thief comets not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly". John 10 vs 10.

All the above are instances of the loud boasts of the enemy against children of the Most High God. Goliath boasted that he would serve David's flesh as pepper soup to the animals. The Egyptians boasted that they will pursue the children of Isreal, overtake them and plunder them. All around you are wicked threats, boasts, intimidation and harassment by forces that are not comfortable that you are alive. Some of these forces may have taken evil counsels against you, some of them may have even made sacrifices against your life. They are real but more real is the victory you have in Christ Jesus.

The boasts of darkness may come openly as in the case of Goliath against David. It may also come secretly as in the covert operations of dark powers all around us. I have personally received such boasts when a witch appeared to me in a revelation that it was time for them to feast on my enemy. You can just imagine what happened to her: she never survived it. Boasts of darkness are not what anyone can avoid because it is the enemy's business to boast and it is God's business to destroy such boasts.

Today, Satan is boasting against marriages, health, finances, businesses, careers, projects and journeys of the children of God. Pharisees and Sadducees severally boasted against Jesus while he was on earth. Powers and Principalities boasted against the Apostles in all their missionary journeys across Asia and Europe and are still boasting all around the world today. Many are going in and out of relationships because of the boasts of darkness against their stability. Many are going in out of hospitals because of the boasts of darkness against their health. I pray that today will mark the end of every boast of the enemy against you in Jesus' name.

The Bible says in Psalm 2 vs 2-3  that enemies take counsel together and seek to cause havoc to the anointed children of God but God only responds with a laugh! Why? Because He knows that they are only skating on a thin ice. God will laugh your detractors to destruction in Jesus' name. Don't worry yourself when the wicked says: "You will never be married"; " you won't get a job"; "that sickness will eliminate you"; " that business will never grow"; " I won't assist your ministry again"; "you will end up like your dead mother, husband or friend" and all rubbish coming from the camp of the enemy. They are just wishful thinking because Isaiah 7 vs 7 say that they will not stand and they will not come to pass.
Our God is a silent listener to every conversation. What the enemy is proposing against you in their hearts is known to God. What they said behind you is known to God. What they are saying in the coven of darkness is known to God. Actions meant to spite you is known to God and that is why the Bible says in 1 Samuel 2 vs 3 "......for the Lord is a God of knowledge and by him actions are weighed". God has enough to counter and cancel every boasts of darkness against you. The name of Jesus is one weapon( Phil 2 vs 10-11); the blood of Jesus is another( Rev 12:11), the word of the Lord( sword of the spirit): Ephe 6 vs 17 is yet another weapon and your prayers( Mattew 7 vs 7) is another potent weapon to tear down the walls of evil boasts. Today, every boast of darkness against your progress will be destroyed in Jesus' name.

1. Worship the King of Kings and hail His holy name. Sing: All Hail The Power of Jesus' name...........
2. I receive justification by the word of God and I have the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ in Jesus' name.
3. Palace of strangers standing against my progress, come down in Jesus' name.
4. Wind of God, blow away demons of depression and heaviness of spirit from my life in Jesus' name.
5. My garment of glory will not turn to rags in Jesus' name.
6. Lord, let your blood speak against every boast of darkness directed at me in my dreams in Jesus' name.
7. I withdraw every unconscious agreement I have made with the boasts of enemies against my future in Jesus' name.
8. Scourge of tongues against my breakthrough, cease now in Jesus' name.
9. I receive fresh deposit of the fire of God into my spirit and I fire back arrows of affliction into the camp of my tormentors in Jesus' name.
10. My name is fruitfulness, I refuse to carry the tag of barrenness again in Jesus' name .
11. My name is prosperity, I refuse to bear poverty as a name in Jesus' name.
12. My bed is perfect health, I refuse to sleep on the bed of languishing again in Jesus' name.
13. Powers denying me sound sleep in the night, die in Jesus' name.
14. Lord, pay up evil parental debts blocking my success in Jesus' name.
15. Father, terminate the effects of the sins of my youth in my life in Jesus' name.
16. Son of God, take my place amidst the fiery burning furnace in Jesus' name.
17. Stop the way of the wicked and break the contact of darkness with my life in Jesus' name.
18. Raise a King that will offer me the reception of Mordecai in Jesus' name.
19. Lord, destroy every evil pronouncements poured upon my life in moments of anger in Jesus' name
20. Break evil walls separating me from my joy in Jesus' name
21. Thank you so much for silencing my Goliath in darkness in Jesus' name.

Glory to the Most High God. Pls, pray and share. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 3:02:2014).



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