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Topic: Anointing For Multiple Portions

Texts: Joshua 17 vs 17. Isaiah 65 vs 21, Isaiah 25 vs 6. 2 Corinthians 9:8

  And God is able to make all grace abound toward me, that I, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. I'm an ocean of plenty and variety. I have all things given to me by the Lord and I shall freely and fully enjoy them in Jesus' name. Amen.

"And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands"- Isaiah 65 vs 21.

An important blessing of being a child of God is the blessing of large possessions. In Genesis 24 vs 34 & 35, Abraham's servant testified concerning his master: " And he said, I am Abraham's servant. And the Lord hath blessed my master greatly; and he hath given him flocks, and herds, and silver, and gold, and menservants, and maidservants, and camels, and asses".

Such blessings, mentioned above, in Isaiah 65 vs 21 and Genesis 24 vs 34 & 35, are proofs of the multiple portions that God continually gives to those who serve Him. God is vast and diverse and so are his riches. The maker of heaven and earth and all that is therein,  is a God of multi-dimensional capabilities; He is a God of plurality of privileges and multiplicity of means.

In Joshua 17 vs 17, the house of Joseph, is described as a great house and that,  its portion is more than one. You belong to that house! Your portion cannot and should not be one! If God has built a house for you already, appreciate Him, because He has just begun with you: He will build more for you. If your car is only one at the moment, bless the Lord with your worship,  because another one is on the way. Even children, God says that "happy is the man that has his quiver full of them!"

It is not only in possessions that you have multiple portions: in opportunities, favours, help, privileges, promotion and unction and in all other good things of life, your portion is more than one. God made heaven and earth, the sea, dry land, the beasts of the field, the fowls of the air, the fish of the sea, creeping things, and all that are under the earth: they are meant for your enjoyment. God's diversity is your opportunity, His vastness is your fullness and and His multiplicity is your facility!

You may want to ask, if my portion is more than one, why I'm I in this state? First, check your mentality: do you have a surplus mentality or a scarcity mentality. Second, check your confessions, do you always confess lack or plenty? Third, check your giving: are you a committed giver or a committed receiver? Four, check your faith: are you living by sight or by faith? Is your faith strong enough to bring down the plenty? Are you easily discouraged or you are a die-hard, audacious, tenacious believer in the word of God?

Five, check your prayers: are you a General  in prayers or a mere Private? Six, check your worship: is the King inhabiting your praise or you are still waiting to see what to praise Him about? Seven, check your attitude to the enemy: sin, Satan and the world- are you flowing with them or fleeing from them? All these, and many more, may determine how much of your portion easily gets to you. I'm positive this day, that your portion will no longer be limited- you will harvest all the riches that the Lord has prepared  for you by His word in Jesus' name.

God's house is a large house. The largeness is reserved for you. Just do your own part to stay in the house and He will do His own part to ensure your convenience there. Ensure that you stay with God and continue in His word( John 8 vs 31). Ensure that you believe the Lord and His prophets( 2 Chronicles 20:20) and your portion will not elude you in Jesus' name.

Praise & Worship
1. Take time to worship the King of glory today. Magnify His name and tell Him that you believe Him more than ever before.
2. Ancient of days, thank you for all you have given me. I believe you more for what you will still give me in Jesus' name.
3. Lord, make my prosperity a volume of books for the world to read in Jesus' name.
4. Almighty King,  flood my heart with your riches and my life your favours in Jesus' name.
5. Holy Ghost, let there be no pause in my prosperity and no break in my breakthrough in Jesus' name.
6. Power of God that makes wealth, locate me now in Jesus' name.
7. Lord, bless my life with continual feast and move me from prosperity to flourishing in Jesus' name.
8. My water springs will not turn to wilderness in Jesus' name.
9. By your breath Lord, give me an inspiration for large fortune in Jesus' name.
10. King of glory, manifest your multiplication in my projects and career in Jesus' name.
11. By your blood Lord, break every curse of dryness, emptiness and zero-help upon my life in Jesus' name.
12. Give me a little lunch that you will bless to feed 5000 souls in Jesus' name.
13. By your right hand Lord, lift me above barriers and barricades erected against my manifestation in Jesus' name.
14. Lord, by your mercy, don't give my kingdom to my servants and maids in Jesus' name.
15. Father, don't allow me to set my heart on riches rather than you in Jesus' name.
16.  Lord, make my wisdom bigger than my fame in Jesus' name.
17. Lord, don't allow Satan to frustrate my wealth with ill-health in Jesus' name.  
18. I shall not struggle for means in my old age in Jesus' name.
19. I reject youth without vision and energy in Jesus' name.
20. Father, soak my life in your grace and let your grace abound towards me in all things in Jesus' name.
2.1. Thank you Lord for your multiple portion for me in all areas of my life in Jesus' name.

All glory to the God of all grace. Pls, pray & share. Pastor Dele Oyewale, April 7th, 2014.





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