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Topic: My Soul  Shall Dwell At Ease In Jesus' Name.

Texts: Psalm 25 vs 13. Prov 19 vs 23, Psalm 1 vs 1-3, Matt 28 vs 8

  An important blessing of resurrection is great joy, that came out of the victory of light over darkness( Matt 28 vs 8). This variant of joy is permanent, because it came out of the trouncing of Satan and his hosts. It is the kind of joy that banishes fear and establishes peace and rest. Life is a battle, but the power of God is always at work, in the life of any of his children, to give rest, ease and life abundant( John 10 vs 10).

The Psalmist says in Psalm 25 vs 12-13 that: "What man is he that feareth the Lord? Him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose. His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth". These words of assurance are true in letter and in spirit. Those who fear God need not fear anyone or anything again. Man is a bully but God is a buckler! Those who fear God have chosen just only one fear but those who don't fear God, have opened their lives to all fears- including the fear of their own shadow!

Jesus demonstrated to us that, though death is wild and daring: it has no power over Him, and over us- His children. For you, it may not be physical death: it may be death of help; favour; love, joy and peace: such death will never affect you, because you have a life that death cannot kill, you have joy that sorrow cannot overpower- Hallelujah! Resurrection is victory over power of the grave: you will never sleep in any grave in Jesus' name.

The truth of all these, is that, the power of God is real( Psalm 62 vs 11). The name of Jesus is real. The words of God are real! If God is not real, you won't be standing in that victory- your job; marriage; health; children; projects; ministry; home and businesses will not be standing! But you are moving from one victory to another, simply because God says, your soul shall dwell at ease! Glory to the name of the Lord.

God loves us but hates our sins. Why? Our sins empower our enemies! It is just like this: the eagle's wings are stout,  but when the wings are immersed in water- will they have the same strength again? So, our wings are dipped in water when we fall into sin- this makes us weak and vulnerable. God does not want this. He wants our wings to be strong and unbreakable. He wants us to remain unstoppable and how do we achieve this? By FEARING God and staying with Him.

Most of the sins that beset us, are things that we dont need: The lust of the eyes; lust of the flesh; pride of life and evil works around, are vexation of the spirit. They don't add up. They are hard labours that we don't need. To overcome them, just stay with God, obey Him and FEAR Him thoroughly. We need grace, mercy and power of God to stay with God, but all these are available, if we ask( Mattew 7 vs 7).  The cost-benefit analysis of sins show that, sins are all costs and no benefit! Avoid them please.

On a last note, seek ease and rest. They are sweet. The world has come into a juncture that, only the godly are sure of ease. Why? God promised us ease, if we FEAR Him. In Psalm 1 vs 1-3; the Bible says that, if we shun iniquity, we shall be like a tree by the riverside, our leaves will not wither and whatsoever we lay our hands upon will prosper! Great! God says the ungodly are like chaff blown away by the wind: this is horrible. May the good Lord keep us in His love and fear in Jesus' name. Amen.


Praise & Worship.
1. Lord Jesus, glory to your name for the power of life and resurrection which is only in you.
2. Breathe your fear into my spirit in Jesus' name.
3. Holy Ghost, destroy the power of the grave of my father's house in Jesus' name.
4. Power of sweat and struggle, break totally in Jesus' name.
5. Father, deliver me from all swallowers of success and joy in Jesus' name.
6. Every back-biter around my life, bite the dusts forever in Jesus' name.
7. Lord, break the bridge of Satan and sin into my life in Jesus' name.
8. Lord, turn the air-conditioners  of my tormentors into burning fire in Jesus' name.
9. Evil sponsors of errors and sins into my life, die in Jesus' name.
10. Father, let every associates of sins and compromise around my life,  divorce me suddenly in Jesus' name.
11.  I feed the fear of God into my heart, eyes, ears, genitals, brain, mouth and legs in Jesus' name.
12. Powers assigned to steal my seat of glory, die in Jesus' name.
13. Secret terrorists attacking my peace and ease, die without resurrection in Jesus' name.
14. My wealth, my wealth, my wealth: what are you doing in witchcraft coven, jump out and come back to me in Jesus' name.
15. Occultic reservoirs of my father's house, you will not keep my peace and riches in Jesus' name.
16. Every root of affliction in my body, burn by fire in Jesus' name.
17. Demonic policemen sending my helpers away, scatter by fire in Jesus' name.
18.My trees of achievements will not become ordinary shrubs in Jesus' name.
19.  I drink ( open your mouth for this prayer) the blood of Jesus into my internal organs: blood of Jesus, neutralize food of demonic caterers that I ate in my dream in Jesus' name.
20. Lord, break evil vows made against my lifting and spread in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for your anointing of ease upon my life in Jesus' name.

Thank you Jesus! Pls, pray & share. Pastor Dele Oyewale.





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