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O Lord, I Need A Change

Topic: O Lord, I Need A Change

Text: PGen 21 vs 1-2;  Job 14 vs 14; Joshua 24 vs 13; 2 Kings 3 vs 17, Isaiah 45 vs 14, Jer 51 vs 25; John 12 vs 23; Rev 12 vs 11




Everyone needs a change! There is no best level until the heart of man stops longing for progress. God designs the world to be in a perpetual state of motion and for anyone to make any impact, he must move with the motion of God.

The future does not belong to those who are satisfied with today. The reason God made tomorrow to come after today is because today cannot deliver all that man desires completely. The future is  both a promise and possibility of fulfilment.

Although change is imperative, God expects us to ask for it. Whatever you do not desire, you do not deserve. Expectation is the forerunner of manifestation. Matt 7 vs 7 and John 16 vs 24 insist that we must ask. Psalm 81 vs 10 even says that in asking, we must OPEN OUR MOUTH WIDE! This means that our asking must be loud, total and complete.

Also, in asking, we must be specific. We must tell God the kind of change we want. If you need a new job, tell God exactly the kind of job you want- the emolument, environment, career path among others. If it is a spouse, tell God the height, weight, colour, attitude, income level, number of children and all other fundamentals.

You may sow a seed to fast track the change you desire. You may make a covenant with God. For example, a lady in my prayer network entered into a covenant of " no sex until my husband appears!" and in less than a year, the husband truly appeared. You may also engage in spiritual exercises like fasting, vigil to take delivery of your desired change. As you do all these, God will show up mightily in your situation in Jesus' name.

1. Sing your favourite song to worship the Lord.
2. Repent of every known sins in your life and ask God to forgive you.
3. Blood of Jesus, make me holy and whole in Jesus' name.
4. O Lord, change my battles to blessings in Jesus' name.
5. Fill my empty vessels by your mighty power in Jesus' name.
6. Break every power of delay over my life in Jesus' name.
7. I refuse to accept Ishmael in place of my Isaac in Jesus' name.
8. Strange favours of God, bring my (husband, wife, children, job, health, healing, appointment, promotion, house, etc) to me NOW in Jesus' name.
9. Let Egypt labours  but let me receive its profits in Jesus' name.
10. Evil mountains of frustration and disappointments, be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus' name.
11. By all ways and means, I receive my heart desire in Jesus' name.
12. Reapers of my harvest in my father's house, be exposed and be destroyed in Jesus' name.
13. Evil warehouse of my father's house, release my glory to me in Jesus' name.
14. O Lord, move me from the dung hill to the rooftop  in Jesus' name.
15. O Lord, destroy evil powers sitting upon my seat of success in Jesus' name
16. Break evil vows taken against my lifting in Jesus' name.
17. The sword of Cain will not locate my Abel in Jesus' name.
18. Evil borrowers of my glory, return it now in Jesus' name
19. O Lord,  put a seal of stability on my success in Jesus' name.
20. Command the singers of heaven to send new song into my life in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you carrying me where I'm too weak to walk in Jesus' name.

God is good. Pls pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( September 22nd, 2014).




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