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Thursday Prayer Program

Topic:  Anointing Of Open Honour, Fall Upon Me!

Texts:  1 Samuel 18 vs 7 & Acts 10 vs 38.
 God that anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power,  and  made him to do good to the entire world and made His honour to be open to the whole world,  will also anoint me today and my glory will appear to all nations in Jesus' name. 
John 2 vs 11 says that : " This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him".  For our Lord Jesus Christ, the miracle of turning water to wine in Cana of Galilee, was the springboard that catapulted Him to earthly recognition. The Bible says, the miracles "manifested forth his glory".  This is instructive.  Jesus is Lord. However, he needed an event, a circumstance, to bring forth His wonders. Today, God will arrange an event and a situation that will show forth our wonders to the whole world in Jesus' name. 
What is anointing of  open honour? 
1. It is God's power for global recognition( John 2:11) 2. It is God's mercy for maximum achievements( Acts 3 vs 6-7). 3. It is God's light for victory over darkness( John 1 vs 9).  4. It is escape from obscurity to limelight(  Psalm 18 vs 28).  5. It is being a wonder unto many( Psalm 71 vs 7).   6. It is being an answer to long- time problems( 1 Samuel 17 vs 49-51).  7. It is being recognized where it matters most(  Genesis 41 vs 41- 45).  8. It is overcoming evil powers troubling your star and talents(  Colossians 1 vs 13, 2 Timothy 4:18).  9. It is manifesting blessings that the world cannot ignore(  Acts 4 vs 16). 10. It is being placed on the map of God's favours( Psalm 5 vs 12).   David met all these descriptions when he defeated Goliath. His victory over the enemy of his people gave him the anointing of  open honour.  No wonder,  the women of his days honoured him with a song in 1 Samuel 18 vs 7:  "And the women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands"
What are the blessings associated with the anointing of open honour? 1. Promotion and prosperity( Genesis 41 vs 41-45,  1 Samuel 18 vs 7,  John 2 vs 11).  2. Miracles, wonders and signs( Acts 2 vs 22, Acts 3 vs 6-7).  3. Good success( Joshua 1 vs 8,  Job 9 vs 10).  4. Joy, peace and rest( 1 Kings 5 vs 4, 1 Peter 1 vs 8).  5.  Glory and fulfillment(  Isaiah 60 vs 1,  John 2 vs 11).  God wants all of His children to be celebrated and there is no way such a wish could be achieved and sustained if we are not honoured openly.  Everyone that needs these blessings must :  1. Be born again( John 3 vs 3);  2. Be spirit- filled( Acts 4 vs 8).  3. Be a worshipper( John 4 vs 23-24).  4. Be living by faith( Romans 1 vs 17).  5. Be a cheerful and regular giver to God and man( Luke 6 vs 38). 6. Be a prayer addict( Luke 18 vs 1).  7.  Be a respecter of anointing in words and in deed( Psalm 105 vs 15). 
Lastly,  the anointing of open honour works better for those who maintain a consistent walk with God.  It is important for us to know that God should not be in our mood: He should be in our blood. He should not be in our talk only, He should be the only content of our hearts.   if you are walking with the wise everyday, no matter the challenge of foolishness around you, you will become wise by association. When a husband and a wife live happily together for a long time, they begin to resemble each other: when we walk consistently with God everyday, we will surely begin to think, talk, act, look and behave like God( Romans 10 vs 17, Prov. 13 vs 20, Genesis 5 vs 24).  How do we walk consistently with God? 1. By reading His word everyday( Joshua 1 vs 8).  2. By sharing His word everyday( Matthew 28 vs 18-20). 3.  By praising Him everyday( Psalm 34 vs 1-2).  By praying to Him everyday( 1 Thesa. 5:17). As we do all these and more, the anointing will soak us heavily and the whole world will celebrate God in us all the days of our lives. Amen. Shalom. 
 Please, sing these songs: 
1. I know His name( 2ce)
His name is wonderful 
I know His name. 
2. All the nations wide/ praise the Lord/ let us praise Jehovah/ praise the Lord! 
3. Anointing that breaks the yoke/ let it fall upon me/ anointing that breaks the yoke/ let is fall upon me! 
1.  Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace, glory to your name in Jesus' name. 
2.  Father, please, cleanse me thoroughly by your blood in Jesus' name. 
3. Every power of contrary anointing upon me, break in Jesus' name. 
4.  Anointing of Holy Ghost and power,  soak me in Jesus' name. 
5.  Holy Ghost, give me just one miracle that will showcase your wonders in my life in Jesus' name. 
6. Holy Ghost, clothe me with just one garment that will make the king to send for me in Jesus' name. 
7. Holy Ghost,  give me just one song that will make the world sing with me in Jesus' name. 
8. Holy Ghost, give me just one wisdom that will make the whole world look for me in Jesus' name. 
9. Holy Ghost,  give me just one favour that will change my name to favour in Jesus' name. 
10. Anointing that kills lions when others are killing rodents and chicken, fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
11.  Father,  give me cheap victory over Goliath and Pharaoh in Jesus' name. 
12. Lord Jesus, please make me your favorite in Jesus' name. 
13.  Holy Ghost, feed me with the food of winners in Jesus' name. 
14. Every arrow of sin, shame and sorrow, backfire in Jesus' name. 
15. Anointing of giving without weariness, fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
16.  Father, connect me with those I will bless that will turn me to blessing in Jesus' name. 
17. I receive grace to be a God- chaser in Jesus' name. 
18.  Powers weakening my resolve for God and godly service, die in Jesus' name. 
19. Holy Ghost, place me on your budget of daily help and favours in Jesus' name. 
20. I receive new seeds to sow for me to sing a new song in Jesus' name. 
21. 21.  Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and arrest, detain and chain in the lake of fire,  every demon scattering your good works in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
22. Every assignment of destruction running against The Throne Apostolic Ministry, fail in Jesus' name. 
23.  Every song of death being sung by evil powers against The Throne Apostolic Ministry, cease in Jesus' name. 
24. Nigeria, hear the word of the Lord, move out of the valley into the hilltop in Jesus' name. 
25. Thank you Lord for anointing me with open honour in Jesus' name.
Hallelujah!  Pls, pray & share. Are you prepared for Rapture? Please, hurry to connect Jesus: He is at the doorpost. God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale(  8 March, 2018).








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